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Chemical Engineering

Additional Information

ChE Graduate Guide (pdf)
The ChE Graduate Guide is a downloadable PDF file which provides detailed information regarding all aspects of the graduate program.

ChE Program Highlights (pdf)
The ChE Program Highlights features highly effective research emphasizing sustainable energy and novel materials.

Graduate Catalog
Courses taught by the chemical engineering department faculty and some of those taken by our students in other departments are listed in the Graduate Catalog.

Graduate Housing
While many graduate students choose to live off campus, housing options exist both on and off campus.

If you wish to request additional information, feel free to email us. If you are requesting information about graduate studies applications, please include your name, address, phone number, institution, GPA, graduation date and major.

Graduate Student Resources
Computer facilities are available for all graduate students. Additionally, computers and printers are available in many of the individual research groups.

When purchasing items for research, a form providing information describing the items to be purchased and the funds to be used is to be completed, signed by the research supervisor, and submitted to the department main office.

All individuals completing research in departmental laboratories (including all graduate students, undergraduate research assistants, post-doctoral scholars, visiting researchers, and faculty) must follow the University and departmental safety procedures. Information is provided at a safety training at the beginning of the Fall semester (required for all new researchers). Additional information can be obtained at the university’s Department of Environmental Health and Safety. The K-State EHS site also provides information on:

  • Information regarding hazardous waste disposal and pick-up.
  • Links to material safety data sheets.
  • University policies and procedures as related to laboratory use.

If you have any questions regarding the safe operation of equipment or chemical usage, please contact David Threewit, the department’s safety officer.

International Graduate Students
The International Student and Scholar Services office (ISSS) provides essential immigration services for over 2000 international students and scholars from nearly 100 countries who are involved in educational programs or research at K-State.