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Chemical Engineering

MS Program

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering Requirements:

M.S. students are expected to be well grounded in the fundamentals of Chemical Engineering and must successfully complete the following courses (or their equivalents).

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
CHE 735Chemical Engineering Analysis I3
CHE 815Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics3
CHE 822Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering3
CHE 862Advanced Transport Phenomena I3
CHE 875ChE Graduate Seminar3
 Elective Graduate Courses (see below)9
 Total Coursework Requirement24 hours

Elective Graduate Courses - all students are required to demonstrate a mastery of some body of knowledge in their research field by completing elective courses. At least nine hours of work is required in addition to those listed above.

Thesis Hours - a minimum of 6 hours of thesis credit is required.

Master's Thesis - a candidate for the M.S. degree in chemical engineering must present a treatise setting forth the results of an investigation completed by the student under the direction of a member of the faculty of the department (the thesis adviser). The subject of the investigation will be assigned to the student during the first semester. After completion of the investigation, each student must present an oral defense based on his/her research as part of the requirement for the M.S. degree.