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Chemical Engineering

Benjamin G. Kyle

Emeritus Professor of Chemical Engineering

All About Entropy

For those with some mathematical background

Presented here is a multi-chaptered essay ENTROPY: Reflections of a Classical Thermodynamicist which appeared on a CD-ROM with the third edition of my textbook Chemical and Process Thermodynamics.

Taken in its entirety the work presents the various views of entropy and the resulting paradoxes and the final chapter attempts conceptual closure. Because each of the intermediate chapters(3 – 8) deals with a single topic and is somewhat independent, selective reading should be possible. Also, the material is organized for easy reading with mathematical details consigned to appendices.

However, if the reader is unfamiliar with quantum statistical mechanics, it is recommended that Chap. 2 be read before proceeding to later chapters.

Preface and Table of Contents (pdf)

Ch. 1. An Overview of Thermodynamics (pdf)

Ch. 2. The Microscopic Perspective (pdf)

Ch. 3. The Third Law of Thermodynamics (pdf)

Ch. 4. Entropy and Information (pdf)

Ch. 5. Maxwell’s Demon (pdf)

Ch. 6. Boltzmann’s H-Theorem (pdf)

Ch. 7. The Gibbs Mixing Paradox (pdf)

Ch. 8. The Mystique of Entropy (pdf)

Ch. 9. A Search for Conceptual Closure (pdf)

For those with little or no mathematical background

What is Entropy? (pdf)

The Mystique of Entropy (pdf)

An Overview of Thermodynamics (pdf)

Entropy: a Philosophical View (pdf)

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