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Chemical Engineering

Degree Programs

Graduate Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the KSU ChE Department’s Graduate Program will possess the following traits:

  • Solve advanced engineering problems using discipline appropriate math, science, computation, and analysis skills (All M.S. and Ph.D.)
  • Critically synthesize and evaluate information (All M.S. and Ph.D.)
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge in the area of specialization (All M.S. and Ph.D.)
  • Plan and conduct scholarly activities (All M.S. and Ph.D.) that include original contributions to the knowledge base (Ph.D.)
  • Communicate effectively (written and oral) (All M.S. and Ph.D.)
  • Comprehend the ethical, economic, environmental, and safety factors required for professional engineering practice (M.S.)

Graduate Program Accreditation

Kansas State University is fully accredited by the North Central Accrediting Association. All undergraduate engineering programs in the College of Engineering are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). The same K-State engineering faculty and departments that are associated with the accredited undergraduate programs offer the graduate programs, thereby maintaining the excellent accredited quality of instruction at the graduate level.

Alignment matrix for Chemical Engineering Graduate Programs (pdf)