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Chemical Engineering

Larry A. Glasgow


Applied Mathematics for Science and Engineering, Wiley 2014

Chapter 7 - Contents

Chapter 8 - Contents

Revised Chapter 7, Analytic Solution of Partial Differential Equations

Revised Chapter 8, Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations


ChE  735 - Fall 2019


Crout's method for solution of linear algebraic equations

Using a dichotomous search to solve an algebraic equation

Trapezoid rule applied to thermal decomposition of castor oil

Example of Gaussian quadrature with n=24

Mid-term exercise: curve of pursuit

Transient conduction in a slab with initial temperature of zero

Solutions for problems 7.1 and 7.2

Solution for problem 7.15 Rectangular slab with production

Heating a liquid flowing through an annulus

Final semester exercise, vorticity transport


ChE 862 - Spring 2019


Potential flow off of a step

Potential flow past inclined plate with NO circulation

Potential flow past a rotating cylinder (Magnus effect)

Viscous flow in a triangular duct

Transient Hagen-Poiseuille flow

Problem 4, application of the explicit method to transient flow in an annular passageway

Vorticity transport for viscous flow over a wall

Problem 5, thermal energy production by viscous dissipation in 85% glycerol

Problem 6, application of Prandtl's equation to the free jet

Problem 7, mid-term assessment of a viscous slurry transported through a half-filled tube

Optional exercise: Vorticity transport in a square cavity at modest Reynolds number

Problem 10, heated granite sphere placed in a calorimeter

Problem 12, Nusselt number and bulk fluid temperature for flow between parallel walls

Problem 13, Absorption of sulfur dioxide in a spray tower

Problem 15, final exercise: an annular reactor with one catalytic wall