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Chemical Engineering


The chemical engineering curriculum has been designed to provide all students with a solid base in core chemical engineering subjects and the opportunity to customize their course of study. It requires 128 credit hours of study and is completed by most students in four years.

Areas of Emphasis

Selection of technical electives and choices for areas of concentration should be made in consultation with a student's academic adviser.

GeneralThis is the standard course of study for chemical engineers. It is included to allow comparison with the concentrations.
BioengineeringNearly 1/4 of all chemical engineering graduates work in this area. Jobs include processing of biological materials to value-added products (i.e., conversion of components from corn to natural polymers) or the production of fuels from biomass.
Chemical IndustryFor students interested in process engineering in the chemicals industry (including petrochemical refining and consumer chemicals production).
FoodFor students interested in process engineering in Food Science (including food safety and food manufacture).
LeadershipFor students interested in completing the College of Engineering Certificate Program in Leadership.
Micro-Electronics MaterialsFor students interested in processes and materials used in the electronics and micro-electronics industries.
Pre-MedFor students who wish to complete a chemical engineering degree and who intend to apply for admission to medical school.

Students interested in emphasizing a particular area may pursue one of three possibilities: areas of emphasis, minors, and secondary majors. For an area of emphasis, the student selects appropriate technical electives within the standard curriculum.

A student may also acquire a minor in an area of concentration. Interested students should consult the Pre-Professional Programs section of the Undergraduate Catalog. A student may complete requirements for a secondary major in an area such as chemistry or natural resources and environmental sciences.