Jennifer L. Anthony | Department Head and Associate Professor

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Tim Taylor Chair in Chemical Engineering

Wayne and Barbara Harms - Carl and Mary Ice Keystone Research Scholar

Ph.D., 2004 - University of Notre Dame
Chemical Engineering
M.S., 2003 - University of Notre Dame
Chemical Engineering
B.S., 1999 - University of Colorado Boulder
Chemical Engineering

Contact information

1005 Durland Hall

Professional experience

Jennifer L. Anthony received her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering with an environmental program emphasis from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1999. She completed her master’s degree and doctorate at the University of Notre Dame. She worked at the California Institute of Technology as a postdoctoral scholar before joining the Kansas State University faculty in 2005.


Anthony’s research is primarily interested in novel materials such as nanoporous molecular sieves and ionic liquids. The primary goals of her research focus on the roles of the solvent in molecularly designing materials for specific applications, such as for separation media, chemical sensors, or catalysis. Research efforts include a variety of experimental methods designed to aid understanding of their fundamental properties and to investigate the potential applications for the materials.

Academic highlights

Anthony has co-authored more than 25 publications, together receiving more than 3000 citations. She and her research group have given more than 70 presentations at local, national and international conferences. She also currently serves as the academic adviser for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Student Chapter at Kansas State University.