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Chemical Engineering

John R. Schlup | Professor

 Ph.D. – 1981, California Institute of Technology
Chemical Engineering
B.S. – 1975, Kansas State University
Chemical Engineering
B.S. – 1974, Kansas State University


Contact Information
2018 Durland Hall

Professional Experience
After receiving his doctorate in chemical engineering from the California Institute of Technology in 1981, Schlup began working as a senior chemical engineer in the R&D Division of the Corning Glass Works at their Process Research Center in Corning, NY.  He joined the faculty of the department of chemical engineering at K-State in 1983, achieving the rank of full professor in 1995. Since 1999, he has been actively involved in undergraduate curriculum and accreditation activities within the department. Schlup has collaborated with several departments across the university. He led efforts to develop a secondary major in biological engineering in 2008 and a graduate certificate in biobased products and bioenergy in 2010, serving as coordinator for these interdisciplinary programs since that time. Since his arrival at K-State, Schlup has served as a consultant for eight companies. He was designated as an ABET IDEAL scholar in 2009 and has served as an ABET PEV for chemical engineering programs since 2011.

Schlup’s research efforts have emphasized interdisciplinary approaches to solving problems in chemical engineering and materials science and have included collaborations with colleagues across campus, including individuals in the departments of agronomy, biochemistry, chemistry, grain science and industry, physics, and veterinary medicine. The application of spectroscopic and thermal analysis in studying engineering problems has been common theme in much of his work. He has studied a wide range of materials and processes including sol-gel processing of ceramics, the kinetics of polymerization reactions, preparation of biobased composites and fuels, and the sustainability of materials systems. Collaboration with Dr. L. T. Fan resulted in the development of families of leather-polymer composites having unique properties.

Academic Highlights
Schlup is an author or co-author on three patents and 39 refereed publications as well as more than 100 presentations in various settings. He has directed or co-directed five Ph.D. theses, 12 master’s theses, and five master’s reports via distance education. Undergraduate advising has been a significant responsibility during his time at K-State with more than 70 students currently designated as his advisees. Schlup has taught 17 different courses while at K-State, including seven specifically developed by him, and eight via distance education or hybrid in format. Over the past year he has developed and currently teaches a version of the basic materials science and engineering course that is entirely online. He received a Professorial Performance Award from Kansas State University in 2015.